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Garth Brown is an industry speaker / consultant to NAB, InfoTrack, LEAP, PEXA, 'Real Estate Talk with Kevin Turner', Property Update, Legal Practice Intelligence, Lawyers Weekly, Perfect Portal and CPD Live. Garth Brown is currently one of InfoTracks Awards Judges.

The following links are provided to assist those starting a new business and/or practitioners. 


Garth Brown on the importance of Marketing


Garth Brown, Video Channel

Garth Brown hosts YouTube Video Channel

Garth Brown, Real Estate Talk

Garth Brown feature stories on 'Real Estate Talk with Kevin Turner'


Garth Brown, Property Update

Garth Brown, Property Expert on


Garth Brown, Legal Practice Intelligence

• Small Law Firm Success Secrets - Garth Brown

• What does business success look like in professional services?


Garth Brown, Lawyers Weekly

• How to charge and get paid for your work

• Success Secrets to a Successful Law Firm

• Virtural Office - How does it work and how can you benefit from one?

• How to use Social Media in a legal practice

• Six Features all Legal Websites should have

• How to develop a Law Firm App



Garth Brown, InfoTrack Webinars March 2018


Tuesday 27 March 2018  |  11am - 12pm AEDT | 1 CPD | Complimentary

'Risk Management in day to day Conveyancing Practice' - REGISTER

Join Garth Brown as he covers a range of risk management topics and elaborates on how InfoTrack's product suite can effectively aid in handling these scenarios. 

      1. Defective and non-Compliant Cladding 
      2. Adverse possession – squatters rights, how it works and how to manage the risk. 
      3. Asbestos 
      4. Non-Compliant Building Work 
      5. Foreign Investment Review Board 
      6. Identity of Clients through IDFY 
      7. Vendor Disclosure updates 
      8. New Products Infotrack is releasing and how they can benefit


Thursday 29 March 2018  |  12pm - 1pm AEDT  |  1 CPD | Complimentary

'How to manage risk on Conveyancing Files - Highlights' Webinar - REGISTER

Join Garth Brown as he covers:

  1. Tree Disputes between neighbours & Councils – Vendor Disclosure requirements!
  2. Aboriginal Relics – How a Relic Registration affects Land use and what to advise Clients? 
  3. Defect in Title – What is it? And how to manage? 
  4.  Coastal Protection Act – What is it about? Beach erosion – what to advise Vendors/ Purchaser? 
  5. Reactive Soils – What is reactive soils? Why be concerned?


Presenter: Garth Brown, B.Bus, JP, CPC, Fellow AICNSW
Conveyancer of the Year AICNSW 2015 at Brown and Brown Conveyancers

CPD: 1 point in Practice Management and Business Skills

Join Garth Brown as he covers:
1. 9 Inexpensive Techniques to market your practice – worked for Garth!
2. The most expensive/common marketing mistake's Conveyancing/ Legal firms make
3. How to overcome the "this is how we have always done this" mindset
4. Effective Legal Technology to adopt & 4 tips to improve Communication with Clients.


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About Garth Brown

Garth Brown, B.Bus, JP, Fellow of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (AIC), Degree Qualified Accountant, Certified Practising Conveyancer (CPC), and an AIC certified Conveyancing premium property specialist. Awarded Conveyancer of the Year 2015, AICNSW. Garth is a regular guest speaker at real estate workshops and conventions. Garth Brown is the owner of Brown and Brown Conveyancing Sydney Australia -


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